This book is a result of a long experience of leaving our country and being refugee, me and my brother with our family had to leave our country due to War and came in a long journey to survive, we had to stay in Greece for months, and there we realized that there are many stories, feelings and thoughts inside our mind that needed to be shared, I started painting for the first time in my life, I wanted to express what's inside me, as well as transmitting the voice of refugees through art, and that's what my brother did too when he started writing poetry attached with my paintings, the poetry was another tool to express thoughts and deliver messages. And finally after many paintings and poems, my brother decided to turn this into a book, and wrote the story of our family of how we left our country, our journey to Greece, and the life there, and collected all the poems with my paintings inside this book, Now it's time for the world to see this, to hear those who deserve to be heard.