Salam Noh , Student at Master 2 at the university of Lorrain, France Arabic department, translation I started painting for the first time in 2016 when we were in Greece as refugees, without any lessons or study, to express our suffering and day life challenges as well delivering the messages of our Yazidi people and refugees all around the world. after six months of painting I made an individual exhibition in Zurich Switzerland, on 25/4/2016, there were 18 paintings, and then I did my second exhibition in Barcelona, Spain, on 20,12,2017, and there were 12 paintings, then I made two exhibitions in Netherlands, the first on December 2017, the second on May 2018, as well as an exhibition in England, then an exhibition in Italy on 2019, an exhibition in Luxembourg on 2019, my first exhibition in France was on 7/6/2018, then my second exhibition in France on 2019 in the city Metz, another exhibition in france on 2020. participated with my two brothers and another artist in one exhibition in october 2021. I have also participated in many exhibitions, including Greece and America, "Washington "And England, and in many countries in Europe ... I've painted about 150 paintings of different sizes of oil and acrylic so far Exhibited 14 paintings in utricht city in Netherlands on the 13th october till 31th october 2021. email: Phone number: 0758401848 Facebook: Salam Noah Instagram: Salam Noah Art