we are the brothers ( artistes) ISMAIL,  JASON AND SALAM , our ambition is that 20 % of the imports of our paintings to  
  be paid for people in need ( refugees , displaced people homelesses ,,

we are happy that the last this initiative allowed us to 
buy winter clothes for some orphaned chilidren .
also helped some poor displaced families,some
women who've suffered from war ..
As war started as thousands of refugees , we had to leave our country with our family in order to safe our souls .. In a journey of seeking for peace .. After the difficulty of reaching Greek land , only few days , then we heard the border is closed and the journey is gonna be longer , then it was the time of spending one year in tents "refugee camp " ... As we used to paint little in Iraq , our passion of painting became more when we saw how much is important to reach sound of those who doesn't have sound.
We were lucky to be supported by great friends (volunteers ) that they supported us with providing painting stuffs for us .. That we could do something ..avoiding stress and try to transfer massages of thousands of refugees ,, and specially what happened and still happening with my Yazidi people .. Who faced 74 genocides along the history in the Middle East .. The last one was in 2014 when ISIS ( Islamic state ) killed 5000 of my people and kidnapped nearly 5000 women ,girls and children .. The last genocide is still raging on to this day ...
more bellow in links of some articles about us

Ismail Noh

My name is Ismail Noh, a graduate of the Faculty of Management and Economics from Iraq and currently living in France,
My artistic career :
I started drawing at the age of 15 at the beginning I was drawing with pencil and because of living conditions I could not develop myself in this area because there was no material or moral support, At first I drew with pencils and water colors, After the Genocide that happened to us as Yazidis in 3d of August 2014 in Iraq, I was forced to leave Iraq and went with my family to Greece and stayed there for a year in a refugee camp in very difficult circumstances but my determination and my passion for the art of painting did not succumb to these conditions and began to continue painting and most of my paintings reflect the reality of the situation there and began drawing With oil and acrylic paint. From 10-14 of October 2016 I had the first exhibition in Vienna Austria offered 7 paintings there.
The second exhibition on 27 February 2017 was held in the Italian city of Milan offered 24 paintings there.
I've also Participated in 4 paintings at a refugee exhibition in Athens / Greece on 15 to 25 February 2018.
I've also Participated in 5 paintings in an artistic event in Opera authorized in Metz on July 4, 2018.
On August 3, 2018 I participated in an exhibition in the German city of Giessen and we were 8 artists and exhibited two paintings there
And i've also Participated in 15 paintings in an exhibition inthe city hall of forbach on August (13-31), 2018.

Jason Noh
Jason is a graduate in community health andhas experience in the field of health protection,
translation and as a humanitarian aid volunteer. He has a great passion for art and discovered his talent after fleeing from Iraq to France where he settled and began painting in earnest, participating in many exhibitions in Europe. It was in a refugee camp in Greece where he started to paint more seriously in order to engage with activities that could distract him from traumatic events in his past and the stress he continued to experience daily. At first, Jason started to paint on tree leaves because he did not have the necessary material to paint on. This is how he learned the basics of painting and the use of colour. With the help of NGOs and volunteers Jason managed to exhibit his art at various
exhibitions in Europe. In his art he expresses his feelings and ideas about freedom, war and
injustice. Jason writes: 'As a Genocide survivor I have
been through a lot and I know how hard life is; each touch of my brushes tells a story – such
as when I think of the girls who were kidnapped by ISIS, the refugees who fled and left their
homes and everything behind. I scream through my art and I want to transfer these
feelings to people.' Art also allows him to leave the sad reality of life and to create his own
world where pain is calmed.
, , Exhibited some paintings that had been organised by NGO ( I AM YOU ) held in: Amsterdam, Barcelona , Mallorca and new York in December 2016 .
Exhibited 8 paintings on 25, 26 November 2017 as the .bees> in saint Nazair France .

Exhibited 6 paintings in the festival of migrants in Luxembourg on .. 5,6,7th March 2018.
Exhibited 6 paintings in the festival of migrants in Forbach City , France on .. 29th March 2018.

Exhibited 8 paintings in the festival of migration in freyming merlibach France on 8th April 2018 .
Exhibited 5 paintings in Opera theatre in Metz City on 4th August 2018 .
On August 3, 2018, I participated in two paintings commemorating the Yezidi genocide in Germany, Giesse city.
Exhibited 14 paintings in city hall of Forbach city on the 13th August till 31th August.

Phone number: 0752315977
Facebook:Jason Noah
Instagram:Jason Noah art
facebook page: brotherlyart

Salam Noh ,
Student at Master 2 at the university of Lorrain, France
Arabic department, translation

I started painting for the first time in 2016 when we were in Greece as refugees, without any lessons or study, to express our suffering and day life challenges as well delivering the messages of our Yazidi people and refugees all around the world. after six months of painting I made an individual exhibition in Zurich Switzerland, on 25/4/2016, there were 18 paintings, and then I did my second exhibition in Barcelona, Spain, on 20,12,2017, and there were 12 paintings, then I made two exhibitions in Netherlands, the first on December 2017, the second on May 2018, as well as an exhibition in England, then an exhibition in Italy on 2019, an exhibition in Luxembourg on 2019, my first exhibition in France was on 7/6/2018, then my second exhibition in France on 2019 in the city Metz, another exhibition in france on 2020. participated with my two brothers and another artist in one exhibition in october 2021. I have also participated in many exhibitions, including Greece and America, "Washington "And England, and in many countries in Europe ... I've painted about 150 paintings of different
sizes of oil and acrylic
so far Exhibited 14 paintings in utricht city in Netherlands on the 13th october till 31th october 2021.

email: salamnoah1978@gmail.com
Phone number: 0758401848
Facebook: Salam Noah
Instagram: Salam Noah Art
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